Artwork creates something visual that children can be proud of at any age. We're 'fall'ing for the leaf art activity pictured at left, that celebrates the Autumn season. It integrates creative writing, the level of complexity involved can be tailored to different age groups and it looks great on the refrigerator or on a classroom bulletin board. 

You will need

Blank piece of paper
Fine black marker
Markers, pencil crayons or crayons


1. Brainstorm with your child what she likes about the Fall season and have her write out a list, or record it yourself.

2. Ask your child to use the list to write out two to three sentences about what she likes the Fall. You can write out the sentences discussed for a younger child.

3. Have your child draw a leaf in pencil on a piece of blank paper, or draw one for her to use.

4. Have your child write out the two to three sentences about why she likes Fall along the outside of the leaf with a fine liner black marker. You can write out the sentences for a younger child. 

5. Have your child (or you) erase the pencil line created when the leaf was originally drawn. 

6. Ask your child to illustrate their sentences in the interior of the leaf, or simply decorate it.


1. You may wish to ask an older child to research the shape of different types of leaves before commencing the activity, and decide which one specifically he wishes to copy for his story shape.

2. An older child may choose to create a story about Fall instead of the two to three sentences. He would also copy it out in the shape of the leaf, working from the exterior to the interior. The story could then be illustrated in the space remaining inside the leaf, or in the blank space surrounding the leaf.

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