“To know where you are going, you need to know where you are coming from.”

Today, with quality family-time being so limited we don’t have as much time to sit down with our kids and talk about our family histories. Where did our grandparents came from, and their grandparents?

Below is an amazing family tree project that you can work on together with your child(ren). They will enjoy to have fun drawing, painting and colouring their tree while learning about their family history.


On a piece of paper draw the outline of a tree, and on the bottom branch put your child’s name. Then, working backwards and upwards, put your name and a spouse/partner's name and then your parents' names, branching up from each side and so on. Work your way up the tree branches as far back in your family as you know.

You can add the following details to make it more interesting: Date of Birth, Country of Birth and Photographs.

Note: Older children should be encouraged to draw their own tree, and fill in the names of relatives on the branches as you discuss your family history together. They may also want to interview other family members to try and gather even more information, if available.

Have fun growing together!

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