Farmers' markets can offer fabulous outings to enjoy the outdoors and learn together with your child. No matter the age, there are ways to make the trip come alive. We have provided a number of activity example below. We invite you to add to the list in our comments section using the form below.

Farmers' market activities:

1. There are lots of different coloured vegetables at farmers' markets. Ask your child to find vegetables of a certain colour; i.e. green, orange, yellow.

2. Identify different vegetables with your child, to expand their vocabulary.

3. Ask your child to prepare a list of questions to ask the farmers at the different stalls prior to attending the farmers' market. The questions should be directed at learning more about the job of a farmer, and the different steps that go into getting the vegetables from the ground to the market. Then have your child choose one or more farmers to interview using their questions.
4. When you return home, ask your child to draw a picture of the farmers' market, including all of the people, places and things which he remembers seeing.

Note: If you have a chance to visit your local library, Deborah Madison has written a number of wonderful vegetarian cookbooks which make great use of farmers' market produce.

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