As the weather starts to get warmer, many children (and kids at heart) have ice  cream on their minds.
Let your child stretch their imaginations while thinking about this delicious summer treat, by creating a new flavour of  ice cream. Pickles? Pizza? Popcorn? The possibilities for brainstorming and creativity are endless.

1. Tell your child that  today she or he is going to pretend to be an ice cream maker and create a new flavour of ice cream.
2. Brainstorm a list of new ice cream flavours together with your child. Then have him or her choose their favourite flavour to develop.
3. Ask your child to describe what their ice cream would look like. Ask him or her to consider the ice cream's colour(s), texture and added ingredients.
4. Let your child draw their new ice cream scooped into a cone or a cup.
1. Ask your child to come up with a name for their ice cream. For example, I'm in a Pickle.
2. Browse the Internet together: (i) to determine whether your child's new ice cream flavour actually already exists, what it looks like and the ingredients included (if available); and (ii) to build their research skills while having fun.
Sweet dreams to you!

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