We have a creative activity to enjoy with your child, that will give her the chance to enjoy improvisation and the season.

Goal: Your child will pretend she is a leaf just before the Fall season being interviewed by you. She will answer your questions 'in character'. You will be asking the questions, using the sample ones below, or questions of your own. This exercise will give your child the chance to develop their ability to think on their feet while having fun.

Sample questions for 'your leaf':

1. What is your name?
2. What kind of leaf are you?
3. Have you always lived on this tree?
4. Do you have any friends or family on this tree?
5. Do you know what colour you will be turning this Autumn?
6. Are you excited to be changing colours?
7. What are your plans after you fall off the tree?


Reverse roles and have your child be the interviewer and you be the leaf. Encourage him to make up his own questions.

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