Winter offers many opportunities for creativity and active play. If you live in a climate with snow, the beauty of a winter wonderland in itself can tickle children's imaginations. 

All this week, we will be focusing on winter themes to offer activities to develop Creative IQ (TM) with your child(ren).

Since we want your child to feel involved in creating the fun, we will start with examining a WANTED or job classified ad ... in this case
WANTED: A Snowman Designer.


1. Describe a job classified ad to your child as an advertisement looking to hire someone for a job. You can show examples in the newspaper or examine online ads together.

Explain how such an ad often includes the job title, the qualities and/or experience needed, the requirements of the job, and the contact information for the place of employment.

 2. Brainstorm the (i) qualitities and/or experience needed, and (ii) job requirments for a Snowman Designer. You may choose to write down your list.

3. Create a job classified ad for a Snowman Designer and write it down or type it on the computer.


Ask your child to create job classified ads for other winter activities. Brainstorm job titles together, or have your child choose from the following list: Professional hockey player, figure skater, winter festival organizer, polar bear keeper, hot chocolate maker or toboggan hill referee. 

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