We all have THOSE days when we turn to our pantry or fridge late in the day
and ask, 'what shall I make for dinner?' The way of dealing this problem is a
life skill that can be developed from a young age, along with children's confidence to directly  confront challenges.
Consider offering your child the chance to plan a meal for a night in your home and develop their confidence in the kitchen using  ingredients already in your pantry or fridge.
1. Have your child make a list of main ingredients already in your kitchen which he or she would like to include in a family meal; for example, macaroni, tomato sauce, peppers, cheese.
2. Enter the ingredients in an Internet search bar like Google, or on a recipe website such as allrecipes.comfood.com or foodnetwork.com.
3. Choose a recipe from the search results to make and enjoy . 

PS Last weekend we enjoyed a new pasta bake as a result of this activity,
searching 'pasta, bake, marinara sauce':
Bon  Appetit and happy planning!

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