Poetry often includes beautiful imagery within its verses. In fact, seasonal descriptions often include particularly good imagery using words children can appreciate.

In this next activity, we have written a Fall poem to enjoy with your child. You can read it together, and 'analyze' it by identifying the different images described. You may even want to copy it out, and underline the images created together.

You can also ask your child to explain the way he sees each image in his mind, to develop his verbal skills.


I like to see leaves in the Fall,
Up in the trees, so big and tall,
Red and yellow, orange too,
Imagine if the leaves turned blue.

They blow around me when I walk,
And on the paths they almost talk,
As they crunch below my feet,
C-runch, the noise is such a treat.

But the best part of it all,
Is after all those leaves do fall,
And my parents pile them high,
For me to have the chance to fly ...

And jump into that great, big pile of leaves.


1. Browse the internet or books in the library with your child to find other Autumn poems. Discuss the imagery created in each one.

2. Have your child illustrate the images from the poem above, or one of the poems discovered in their research.

3. Encourage your child to write her own poem about Fall, making sure she is mindful of the images she wishes to include.

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