We have a fun word game to play together, that celebrates the winter season and can be enjoyed anywhere. We have called it I went to a Winter Festival, and it develops brainstorming, listening and memory skills.

Explain the rules to all players and let the winter wonderland fun begin.


1. The first person says, I went to a winter festival, and states what s/he brought. For example, I went to a winter festival and I brought mittens.

2. The next person repeats what the first person brought and their own new item. For example, I went to a winter festival and I brought mittens and hot chocolate.

3. The next person repeats the first two items and adds their own. For example, I went to a winter festival and I brought mittens, hot chocolate and a hockey stick.

4. The game continues with players getting subsequent turns in order.

A person is out when s/he forgets the pattern of what is brought along. Alternatively, the players can just help others remember and the game can continue until you wish to move on to another activity. 

Now that you have discussed the skills involved in Snowman Building based on our last post (creating a job classified ad), it's time to get active in creating your own snowman.

Tell your young snowman builders that they have been hired for the job. Then enjoy the following steps together ...


1. Design the snowman you wish to create on paper together.

2. Discuss what items you would need to complete your snowman. You may need to add clothing, such as a hat or scarf, or items to use for facial features or limbs, such as branches or a carrot for a nose.

If you live in a climate without snow, this discussion may complete the activity; however, if you have snow in your neighbourhood for building, gather the required items together to begin the building experience.

You may also wish to 'paint' your snowman by mixing food colour with water and puting it in a spray bottle. If so, remember to keep the spray away from clothing to avoid staining.

3. Bundle up and begin implementing your design.

4. Have your child(ren) take a photograph or draw a picture of the snowman so that you can remember your snowman.


1. Compare the after photo or picture of your snowman, with your original design. Discuss the similarities and differences.

2. Research the snow sculptures/snowmen which other people and professionals have created on the internet. Discuss your favourite finds, and what makes each appeal or not appeal to you.

Winter offers many opportunities for creativity and active play. If you live in a climate with snow, the beauty of a winter wonderland in itself can tickle children's imaginations. 

All this week, we will be focusing on winter themes to offer activities to develop Creative IQ (TM) with your child(ren).

Since we want your child to feel involved in creating the fun, we will start with examining a WANTED or job classified ad ... in this case
WANTED: A Snowman Designer.


1. Describe a job classified ad to your child as an advertisement looking to hire someone for a job. You can show examples in the newspaper or examine online ads together.

Explain how such an ad often includes the job title, the qualities and/or experience needed, the requirements of the job, and the contact information for the place of employment.

 2. Brainstorm the (i) qualitities and/or experience needed, and (ii) job requirments for a Snowman Designer. You may choose to write down your list.

3. Create a job classified ad for a Snowman Designer and write it down or type it on the computer.


Ask your child to create job classified ads for other winter activities. Brainstorm job titles together, or have your child choose from the following list: Professional hockey player, figure skater, winter festival organizer, polar bear keeper, hot chocolate maker or toboggan hill referee.